More succulent stuff | Personal

Now I’m trying to propagate my Bear Paw succulent. Supposedly you can “clone” a current plant using broken off leaves, although Bear Paws are supposed to be a little harder to grow this way. We’ll see. The center leaf is from a dying cactus hybrid and I’m making a last ditch effort to “save” it.… Continue reading More succulent stuff | Personal


One of my several hobbies is growing/maintaining succulents. I’m not that great at it yet, but my favorite Bear Paws seem to be doing pretty good. They’re very cute – the picture doesn’t do them justice. I just subscribed to Succulent Studios‘ subscription box and I’m waiting for my first box. Hopefully they don’t get… Continue reading Succulents

Moj Moj Ultra Rare | News

I somehow managed to get the two ultra rare moj moj in the Crunch series, on the same shopping trip! How lucky am I ;P Other than moj moj, I’ve also been collecting Cutie Cars and LOL Surprise. Any collectors blogs out there? I’d love to see! Also, I hope in the near future to… Continue reading Moj Moj Ultra Rare | News