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Succulent leaves for propagation

Now I’m trying to propagate my Bear Paw succulent. Supposedly you can “clone” a current plant using broken off leaves, although Bear Paws are supposed to be a little harder to grow this way. We’ll see. The center leaf is from a dying cactus hybrid and I’m making a last ditch effort to “save” it. Cross fingers!

I’ve also been enjoying some coloring this Sunday morning. I’m just an overgrown child.

Now Playing: Pic-a-Pix Deluxe for Switch. I love these kinds of games.

2 thoughts on “More succulent stuff | Personal

  1. Your bear paw leaves look a lot like the leaves of my jade plant. They grow roots once they drop off. Mine started as a very small plant in a 3″ pot. I kept transplanting it into bigger pots and it’s now a small tree. Good luck with your bear paws. I hope you are successful


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